setembro 18, 2019


Um cidade vibrante e viva. Magníficas igrejas entre o árabe e o cristão com Cristo Pantocrator no centro: uma delícia logo ao pé do turismo.

Um preto numa mota com uns discos, umas baterias e um altifalante animava a noite: fabuloso!

Para o pedestal

Concialidor, ganhou a câmara de Lisboa, combateu o "faxismo", a mãe era inglesa .... Sampaio da "há mais vida além do défice" que levou a um golpe de Estado institucional que levou a a uma bancarrota já tem estátua na comunicação social! É socialista e basta!

setembro 14, 2019

Debate entre os Democratas: uma comédia rasca

The debate of Thursday night should be a huge wake-up call for all freedom-loving Americans.  Every one of the Democrat candidates wants to curb nearly all of the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights -- speech, assembly, the right to bear arms.  They mean to restrict our access to health care, fuel, food, electricity, mobility by car or air, goods in markets. 

 In short, they well and truly intend to transform the country beyond what Obama did on his watch and not in a good way.  They mean to punish all of us who support Trump because, like Hillary, we are to them deplorable for loving our country.   They are not alone.  The DNC debate audience in Houston were mind-numbed clapping seals. The more punitively race-conscious and socialist the candidates' promises, the more they applauded.  

The fact that there have been no American flags on the stage at any of the Democrat debates says it all.  One thing is certain: This election season is going to be a bumpy ride.  Like the colonists of 1776, we are looking at the choice between freedom and tyranny.  All Americans need to be cognizant of the deadly seriousness of their vote in 2020.  Trump's style and his tweets may offend some but his dedication to the preservation of America is boundless. He has pledged his life and fortune to the cause.  Gratitude is in order

Tempos que correm ... para trás

'Nothing More than a Slut, a White Whore!'

setembro 08, 2019

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