janeiro 21, 2013

Donas de Casa Desesperadas

But when the topic shifted to immigration in her family’s home town, Boston in Lincolnshire, she found she could remain silent no longer.
After hearing Cambridge University professor Mary Beard airily dismissing claims that migrant workers were overwhelming the market town, office manager Mrs Bull almost leapt from her seat, waving her hand frantically in the air until she caught the attention of presenter David Dimbleby.
‘Boston is at breaking point. All the locals can’t cope any more,’ she said, her voice trembling with emotion and outrage. ‘You go down to Boston High Street and it’s just like you’re in a foreign country. It’s got to stop. The services are at breaking point.’
When she finally finished speaking, there was a moment’s silence and then rapturous applause.
In less than a minute, this ordinary working mother had given a snapshot picture of a town at the end of its tether and voiced the fears of huge swathes of the population.
After the show had finished, audience members were still feting Mrs Bull like a heroine, shaking her hand and congratulating her for daring to speak out about the lasting impact of mass immigration.

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Terão que ser os cidadãos anónimos a revoltar-se?
Entretanto o blog GatesofVienna está suspenso: sem ódios, com factos, sem papas na língua. É quanto basta.


(AINA) -- A top secret memo sent by the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia reveals the Saudi Kingdom sent death-row inmates, sentenced to execution by decapitation, to Syria to fight Jihad against the Syrian government in exchange for commuting their sentences.
According to the memo, dated April 17, 2012, the Saudi Kingdom negotiated with a total of 1239 inmates, offering them a full pardon and a monthly salary for their families, who were to remain in the Kingdom, in exchange for "...training for the sake of sending to the Jihad in Syria."
The memo was signed by Abdullah bin Ali al-Rmezan, the "Director of follow up in Ministry of Interior."

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