dezembro 22, 2010

Yes, we spend

Alguns projectos originais para combater a crise económica oriundos da admirável administração Obama.

Raise your glasses… and your taxes: The federal government paying to map potential vineyard sites via satellite and to improve highway access to vineyards in Colorado click here to read more.

Being liberal is a pre-existing condition: Government research finds being liberal may be a result of genetics click here to read more

Department of Housing and Urban Development paying to give facelift to pizzeria, pub, beauty salon and other storefronts in Massachusetts town click here to read more

Dallas spending $1 million federal education grants to hire consultants to explain to teachers how to get pay bonuses click here to read more

Department of Energy program gives out rebates for appliances that were bought but then returned click here to read more

Angry taxpayers see red: Three federal agencies fund study of how emotions effect our perception of the worldclick here to read more

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is giving Connecticut $75,000 to “increase adult consumption” of wine, promote the state wine trail, and to market local vineyards and wines click here to read more

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