julho 27, 2012

Problema de Saúde Pública

  • The risk of becoming in infected with HIV for men who have sex with men is 1.4%, that is 18 times higher than the same risk for men having sex with women.
  • New infections of HIV occur predominantly among men having sex with men. One presenter at the aids2012 conference described the risk of heterosexual youth becoming infected with HIV, compared to homosexuals, as less than that of being hit by a car.
  • The known reasons for the increased risk of infection and actual infection rate among homosexuals is mostly biological. Anal sex is just deadly when it comes to the transmission of HIV. In addition, the homosexual population is doubly at risk because they have what is called “sexual role versatility”. In addition men having sex with men have a propensity to be more promiscuous than heterosexual men and women.
  • If men having sex with men’s infection rate were the same as that of heterosexuals the number of infections would go down 80-90%.
  • If all men having sex with men  were provided the best health services available today their infection rates would only go down 25% over the next 10 yrs.
  • Homosexual lifestyles are correlated with a host of other STDs and other health risks. The substance abuse and depression rates among homosexuals are truly alarming.
  • There is no data, we are told, showing that the expansion of special rights to persons on the basis of their sexual and identity preferences has had any effect on the health of men who have sex with men. more research is needed.

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