novembro 26, 2012

Até sentirem a faca ...

Regras impostas aos jornalistas na Noruega:
  • Be aware of the language you use. Try to use words and phrases that give an accurate and correct picture of Norwegian society. Avoid using language that creates unnecessary differences among the ethnic groups. 
  • Avoid generalising when writing about immigrants; this will only strengthen negative stereotypes of people of non-Norwegian descent. 
  • When writing about the multicultural society, try to focus on ordinary immigrants and how they experience everyday life in Norway. 
  • Never reveal a person’s religion, ethnicity or cultural background if it’s not absolutely relevant to the case. Be very careful with this information when writing about incidents involving crime. 
  • Always check facts and statistics. Be very careful with statistics that could strengthen negative stereotypes of ethnic minorities. 
  • Feel free to write about negative incidents where immigrants are involved, but avoid angles that will give the entire immigration population a bad name. 
  • Try to find as many sources as possible among the immigrant population. This will give you a wider perspective when writing stories about immigrants. 
  • Try to avoid patriotic rhetoric in sport journalism. This will give room to negative stereotyping of foreigners. Try instead to focus on the contributions of foreigners in Norwegian sports. 
  • Avoid uncritical reports of racial abuse. Always double check information and accusations originating from racist organisations. Always get information that will counter racist propaganda. 
  • Try to stay clear of political rhetoric that will increase immigration phobia and increase hostility towards immigrants. Try to avoid writing stories that will increase hostilities between Norwegians and immigrants. 
  • Try to describe how immigrants experience discrimination, racism and immigration phobia, and try to focus on how these things affect their lives.

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FireHead disse...

No fundo trata-se duma liberdade de expressão condicionada. Cumprimentos do politicamente correcto.