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Posted on | December 12, 2013 by J.C. von Krempach, J.D. |
When, immediately following the vote in which her controversial report was rejected in this Tuesday’s plenary session of the European Parliament, MEP Edite Estrela was allowed to take the floor, the expectation was that she would – as people normally do in such situations – graciously admit defeat, thanking those who had voted in favour of her draft and reaching out to those who hadn’t. She might, for example have said that next time she is asked to draft a text on sexual and reproductive health she would try to come forward with a wording that finds broad support.
But instead, we were the witnesses of a complete loss of self-control – an ugly scene for which there is no precedent in the entire history of the European Parliament. In a short speech drivelling with hatred and frustration, Mrs. Estrela fired abuse at all those who had dared to vote against her draft. In that moment, I even felt sorry for her – yet it was the moment when the mask fell: this kind of hate speech is typical for those who have no reasonable argument to defend their positions, and who therefore have no other choice than to attack those whose positions they do not share on personal grounds. Here are her words:
“I lament the fact that, because of a few votes, hypocrisy and obscurantism have prevailed over the legitimate rights of women”.
These words provoked protests, but she continued:
“You can shout all you like, but I will not shut up. I’m not scared of you. I know I’m right. I lament the fact that in 2013 the Parliament should adopt a more conservative position than the one it had in 2002, when it adopted another report on this issue. I lament the fact that the most extremist and fundamentalist movements should have prevailed over the will of members…. President, I will ask for my name to be withdrawn from the resolution that has been approved.”

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