janeiro 27, 2016

Sture ... um sueco abandonado pela Suécia para dar guarida a refugiados

... morreu enregelado numa paragem de autocarros. É esta a traição que os corruptos políticos europeus infligem aos seus cidadãos.

The ''humanitarian superpower'' that lets its own people freeze to death

The ''humanitarian superpower'' that lets its own people freeze to death

The European ''humanitarian superpower'' Sweden does its very best to please foreign asylum seekers, by providing them with both food, clothing and shelter, but it seems the country's own ethnic citizens in need are of less importance and forgotten.

Sture, a homeless man in his 60s was found dead early Wednesday morning outside the hospital in Nynashamn.

Sture had sought refuge from the cold in Nynäshamns hospital during the night. But he was not allowed to remain there. A security guard threw him out, and without any offers of housing from the municipality, and out of options, he was forced to spend the night at a bus stop outside the hospital.

In the morning he was found frozen to death, reports Nynäshamnsposten.

Of course in Nynäshamnsposten the article about Sture's death soon became just a notice, but Swedish alternative media dug up his story.

Sture was a man who is described as a good worker throughout his life, including in the armed forces and at a nursing home.

In recent years however, he started hanging out with the wrong people and began drinking, which developed into an alcohol addiction. He had received an accommodation from the municipality, from which he was evicted to make way for the migrants now flowing into Europe, and especially Sweden, writes Avpixlat.

Proud as he was, he did not like to bother others, even though he was homeless. The alcohol problems continued. He was promised treatment and wanted to get free from the addiction, but relapses put obstacles in the way, and the municipality betrayed him.

During the last days of his life, he had kept himself warm inside the hospital, until the security guard arrived and threw him out. His belongings were still inside. He did not even get back his jacket.

After being evicted from the hospital, Sture first took to a public toilet, but there he was basically chased away by foreign beggars. He then turned back to the hospital and sat down at the bench at the bus stop where he froze to death during the night, when the temperature was about 12-14 degrees below zero.

RIP Sture, and shame on Sweden!

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FireHead disse...

A Suécia atingiu definitivamente o ponto de não retorno.

Oliveira da Figueira disse...

Fiz uma chamada para este post na barra lateral do Amigo de Israel. Mais uma rapariga sueca foi violada e morta por um "refugiado". A ministra sueca chora por causa das restrições à entrada de mais "refugiados". Mas parece que os cidadãos suecos estão a acordar.

Lura do Grilo disse...

Estes governantes na Suécia são flautistas de Hamelinjavascript:void(0)