novembro 07, 2014

Fachas de Gaza atacados por fachas de Gaza

Como é possível fazer a paz com estes psicopatas assassinos islamitas que se atacam a si próprios?

Gazans woke up early Friday morning to ten simultaneous blasts across the Gaza Strip which targeted the homes and cars of Fatah leaders and officials.
This is the first time Gazans have seen coordinated attacks at the homes of political leaders. Homes and property hit on Friday morning included those of the governor of Gaza, Abdullah Al-Ifranji, and Fatah Legislative Council member, Fisal Abu-Shahlah. 
At the scene of one of the blasts, Fatah leader Fayez Abu Etta, stood among piles of shattered glass around his destroyed car. The gates of his home in Beit Lahia also sustained damage. He refused to comment on who might be behind the blast. 
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