setembro 06, 2012

Simples e eficaz

Um comediante norueguês desmontou com meia dúzia de perguntas uma daquelas chafarricas pseudo-cientificas que fazia estudos sobre o "gender" na mui socialisto-nazi Noruega. A Noruega, com 25% de receitas do petróleo, além de servir como inesgotável referência da esquerda chique,  consegue financiar tudo o que o dinheiro barato não dispensa.

Mas um homem é um homem e uma mulher é uma mulher: há diferenças (graças a Deus). A Engenharia gender foi ridicularizada e a loja foi fechada.

The producer of the series is Harald Eia, a Norwegian comedian, who had gained some popularity in Norway with his satirical TV shows. Besides being a comedian, Mr. Eia also holds a degree in social sciences. He was puzzled by the fact that, despite all efforts by politicians and social engeneers to remove “gender stereotypes”, girls continued to opt for typically “female” professions (such as nurses, hairdressers, etc.) whereas boys continued being attracted by “male” careers (such as that of technicians, construction workers, etc.). Indeed, rather than being reversed by “gender equality” policies, the trend became more accentuated.
In his documentary, Mr. Eia just went, in the company of a camera team, and asked some innocent questions to the leading researchers and scientists of the NIKK. Then he took the replies and brought them to leading scientists in other parts of the world, notably in the UK and the US, asking them to comment on the findings of their Norwegian peers. As was to be expected, the results of the Norwegian bogus science provoked amusement and incredulity among the international scientific community – especially because it was based on mere theory, never supported by any empitrical research. Mr. Eia filmed those reactions, went back to Oslo, and showed them to the NIKK researchers. It turned out that, when confronted with empiric science, the “Gender Researchers” were speechless, and completely unable to defend their theories against the reality check.
What is more, the bogus was exposed to ridicule in front of the entire TV audience, and people began to ask why it was necessary to fund with 56 million Euro of taxpayers’ money some ideology-driven “research” that had no scientific credentials at all.  

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Unknown disse...

A própria natureza estabeleceu as diferenças. Para quê e porquê contrariá-las?