junho 05, 2018

A autoinflingida tragédia dos "palestinianos" bem resumida!

... e de como a ausência de democracia, de liberdade e de patamares mínimos de decência são tolerados e até apoiados no ocidente a nome de um ódio descontrolado e doentio a Israel.

This is the real tragedy of the Palestinians: failed leadership that has deprived them of international aid and a good life in favor of hating and killing Jews. Their leaders have dragged their people from one disaster to another -- from Black September in Jordan in the '70s, to the civil war in Lebanon in the '80s and '90s, to the Second Intifada during the 2000s, and to wars in the Gaza Strip that have claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinians.

Fatah is the dominant party of the Palestinian Authority that rules the West Bank. Its members and supporters also make up the largest percentage of the PA security forces, responsible for suppressing public freedoms and cracking down on political rivals and dissent.

E depois querem um Estado:

The rivalry between Fatah and Hamas has resulted in a situation where the Palestinians have two separate mini-states -- one ruled by Fatah in the West Bank and another ruled by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The two mini-states are both failed entities run by vicious and corrupt leaders who are blocking the emergence of new and younger leadership and clamping down on public freedoms.
These two mini-states have spared nothing in their struggle to throttle each other, from throwing Palestinians from rooftops and lynching them in public squares, to cutting off medical supplies, as President Abbas has done to the Gaza Strip.

Depois uma ajudinha da hipocrisia jornalística:  
But let us return to Abu Ghayyath. Where was Western sympathy or even attention while she was languishing in Hamas prison? Why was no one in the West interested in her story? Because she was not the victim of Israel. She was targeted only by her own people, by Hamas.
As such, Western journalists covering Palestinian affairs could not care less. The same way they do not care about repressive measures taken by Fatah and Hamas against Palestinians. The same way they see no wrongdoing on the Palestinian side. The only stories foreign journalists are interested in are those that reflect negatively on Israel.

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